Observa China's Privacy Policy was created to reaffirm our commitment to security, privacy and transparency in the treatment of your information. It describes how we collect and process data when You interact with us, travel on our website, or contact Observa China through the available communication channels.

Observa China collects and processes personal data for purposes such as identification and authentication; enabling product offers; operationalization of new products; and even improving your experience. We may also collect and process data to comply with applicable current legislation. We will give some examples below.

1. By traveling on websites and filling out forms for our events, You expressly consent to the collection and processing of personal data necessary for such.  You can revoke your consent at any time through our communication channels.


2. You expressly authorize Observa China to share some of your information with third parties in order to continue enjoying the best  experience. We may share data with third parties in order to be able to offer our products.  


3. We may also store and maintain information to ensure security and reliability and to comply with legal requirements.


4. You may request the revision and correction of your data free of charge and at any time. To do this, just get in touch through one of the available service channels.  


5. Observa China may use, format and disseminate testimonials referring to Observa China posted by You on profiles and public pages on social networks, together with Your name and images (including profile photos), on websites, applications or institutional and advertising materials for the dissemination of the products of Observa China.


6. Observa China is always available to clarify your doubts and put You in control of your data.